Bio-industrial Mechatronics Engineering

  • Ching-Chou Wu

    Ching-Chou Wu

    Electrochemical Bio-sensing Technology, Capillary-Electrophoresis Microchip & Electrokinetic Micro....
  • Chung-Teh Sheng

    Chung-Teh Sheng

    Agricultural automation, Processing engineering of agricultural products
  • Jin-Chyau Peng

    Jin-Chyau Peng

    Food machinery and food engineering, Extrusion technology, Bio-industrial machinery.
  • Perng-Kwei Lei

    Perng-Kwei Lei

    Energy Engineering, Livestock Machinery, Automatic Control and Environmental Control.
  • Tshen-Chan Lin

    Tshen-Chan Lin

    Optimization, Agricultural Machinery Design, Mechanism analysis and design, Image processing.
  • Ye-Nu Wan

    Ye-Nu Wan

    Data structure, Microprocessor, Artificial intelligence, Principles and applications of microcomp....
  • Chung-Chyi Yu

    Chung-Chyi Yu

    Post-harvest processing of agricultural products, Aqua cultural engineering technology, Finite ele....
  • Ching-Wei Cheng

    Ching-Wei Cheng

    Solid mechanics, Dynamics, Vibration mechanics, Control, optimization, aeronautics engineering.
  • Chia-Chung Chen

    Chia-Chung Chen

    Biosensing, biosystem, tissue culture, statistics and regression analysis.
  • Yu-I Huang

    Yu-I Huang

    Environmental control, Refrigeration and air conditioning.
  • Kuo-Yi Huang

    Kuo-Yi Huang

    Machine vision, image processing, graphic recognition, electromechanical integration.
  • Li-Cheng Hsieh

    Li-Cheng Hsieh

    Associate Professor
    Agricultural machinery design, Soil compactness control, Finite elements and computer graphics.
  • Kuang-Wen Hsieh

    Kuang-Wen Hsieh

    Associate Professor
    Application of microprocessors and artificial intelligence in bio-industry.
  • Tse-Min Chen

    Tse-Min Chen

    Associate Professor
    Control theory, Control system Design, Bio-signal processing, and Mechatronics.
  • Feng-Jehng Wang

    Feng-Jehng Wang

    Associate Professor
    Electromechanical control, bio-industry waste treatment, green energy and energy-saving technology
  • Yao-Chuan Tsai

    Yao-Chuan Tsai

    Assistant Professor
    MEMS, solid mechanics, fine mechanical engineering.
  • Hao-Ting Lin

    Hao-Ting Lin

    Assistant Professor
    Electromechanical integration, artificial intelligence, automated production.
  • Yue-Kai Weng

    Yue-Kai Weng

    Field machinery, biomass measurement.