•  Jyh-Horng Wu

     Jyh-Horng Wu

    Distinguished Professor
    Bio-Based Composites; Wood Modification; Functional biomaterials
  • Wen-Jau Lee

    Wen-Jau Lee

    Wood Adhesives; Furniture Making; Wood processing and improvement of Wood and Agriculture waste
  • Kai-Yi Huang

    Kai-Yi Huang

    Remote Sensing in Forestry; GIS; Natural Geography; Forestry
  • Kun-Tsung Lu

    Kun-Tsung Lu

    Wood Coatings; Furniture Making; Manufacture and Application of Ecological Carbon and Vinegar
  • Sheng-Yang Wang

    Sheng-Yang Wang

    Distinguished Professor
    Plant Metabolomics;Natural Medicine Development; Wood Chemistry
  • Chiung-Pin Liu

    Chiung-Pin Liu

    Water Chemistry and Nutrient Cycling in Forest; Environmental Ecology; Ecological Physiology
  • Wan-Yu Liu

    Wan-Yu Liu

    Distinguished Professor
    Forestry and Environmental Economics; Forest Recreation; Forest Resources Evaluation ; Climate ch....
  • Tian-Ming Yen

    Tian-Ming Yen

    Forest Management; Forest Policy; Quantitative Approaches to Forest Management; Bamboo Forest Man....
  • Yuan-Shing Perng

    Yuan-Shing Perng

    Pulping Process; Paper Making; Biomass Energy; Wastewater Engineering; Waste Recycling; Electro....
  • Hsy-Yu Tzeng

    Hsy-Yu Tzeng

    Forest Ecology; Ficus Biology; Plant Taxonomy
  • Tien-Szu Liao

    Tien-Szu Liao

    Associate Professor
    Silviculture; Ecophysiology; Forest Landscape Programming
  • Yen-Hsueh Tseng

    Yen-Hsueh Tseng

    Associate Professor
    Dendrology; Plant Taxonomy; Landscape Botany
  • Te-Hsin Yang

    Te-Hsin Yang

    Associate Professor
    Wood Physics and Mechanics; Wood Anatomy and Identification
  • Keng-Tung Wu

    Keng-Tung Wu

    Associate Professor
    Biomass Energy Technology; Waste Treatment Technology; Fluidization Engineering; Biostatistics
  • Ying-Hsuan Sun

    Ying-Hsuan Sun

    Assistant Professor
    Genomics; Genetics; Molecular Biology
  • Yi-Chun Chen

    Yi-Chun Chen

    Assistant Professor
    Preservation and Modification of Biomaterials; Functional Polymer; Nanomaterials
  • Teng-Chun Yang

    Teng-Chun Yang

    Assistant Professor
    Bio-Based Materials Science and Engineering; Structural Analysis; Finite Element Method
  • Hsiang-Ling Chen

    Hsiang-Ling Chen

    Assistant Professor
    Conservation Biology; Wildlife Conservation and Management; Road Ecology