Graduate Institute of Food Safety

  • Xin-Tang Lin

    Xin-Tang Lin

    Assistant Professor
    +886-4-2284-867 #203
    Food safety risk assessment
  • Chin-Li Lu

    Chin-Li Lu

    Assistant Professor
    +886-4-2284-867 #209
    Epidemiology and Public Health; Biostatistics; Big Data Analytics in Health
  • Yng-Tay Chen

    Yng-Tay Chen

    Assistant Professor
    +886-4-2284-867 #202
    Epigenetics and Toxicology; Diabetes Animal Physiology; Cardiovascular and Nerve electrophysiology
  • Jer-An Lin

    Jer-An Lin

    Assistant Professor
    +886-4-2284-0867 #208
    Food Chemistry; Food analysis; Food biotechnology