Soil and Environmental Sciences

  • Chia-Ming Chang

    Chia-Ming Chang

    Soil physics
  • Yuan Shen

    Yuan Shen

    Agrometeorology; Remote sensing; Soil physics
  • Chen-Chung Tan

    Chen-Chung Tan

    Soil Ecology
  •  Yu-Min Tzou

    Yu-Min Tzou

    Distinguished Professor
    Environmental chemistry; Soil and groundwater remediation; Reuse and management of agricultural was....
  • Tsung-Ren Peng

    Tsung-Ren Peng

    Stable Isotopic Technique; Hydrogeochemistry
  • Yao-Tung Lin

    Yao-Tung Lin

    Distinguished Professor
    Environmental Nano-Material; Nano-Sized Particle Separation Technique; Environmental Remediation
  • Hung-Yu Lai

    Hung-Yu Lai

    Associate Professor
    Soil fertility, Soil survey; Plant nutrition; Soil science
  • Horng-Ji Chen

    Horng-Ji Chen

    Assistant Professor
    Soil chemistry; Clay minerals; Analysis of Soil Toxicants
  • Fo-Ting Shen

    Fo-Ting Shen

    Associate Professor
    Environmental microbiology; Biotechnology; Bacterial molecular monitoring and identification
  • Cheng-Hua Huang

    Cheng-Hua Huang

    Associate Professor
    Mineral Nutrition; Plant Disease
  • Yu-Ting Liu

    Yu-Ting Liu

    Assistant Professor
    Soil chemistry; Soil biogeochemistry; Application of synchrotron-based techniques
  • Jeng-Jzung Wu

    Jeng-Jzung Wu

    Hydroponics; Fertilizers; Plant nutrition
  • Kuo-Jin Tseng

    Kuo-Jin Tseng

    Soil physics; Soil management