Plant Pathology

  • Jenn-Wen Huang

    Jenn-Wen Huang

    Ecology and integrated management of plant pathogens
  • Shyi-Dong Yeh

    Shyi-Dong Yeh

    Molecular studies on papaya ringspot potyvirus and watermelon tospovirus; control of plant viruses....
  • Yuh-Kun Chen

    Yuh-Kun Chen

    Plant pathology; Plant virology; Plant disease diagnosis
  • Miin-Huey Lee

    Miin-Huey Lee

    Fungal Genetics and Molecular Biology; Plant-Microbe Interactions; Biological Control of Fungal Pa....
  • Fuh-Jyh Jan

    Fuh-Jyh Jan

    Plant virology; diagnosis of plant virus diseases; plant biotechnology
  • Pi-Fang Linda Chang

    Pi-Fang Linda Chang

    Molecular plant stress biology; Plant biotechnology; Molecular biology of plant-pathogen Interacti....
  • Wen-Hsin Chung

    Wen-Hsin Chung

    Plant Parasitical Mycology; Fungal molecular diagnosis detection of fungisides resistance; Bioloc....
  • Kuang Ren Chung

    Kuang Ren Chung

    Disease resistance; Fungal Pathogenicity; Plant-Fungal Interactions
  • Wen-Ling Deng

    Wen-Ling Deng

    Associate Professor
    Plant Bacteriology; bacterial genetics; molecular plant-microbe interaction
  • Pei-Chen Chen

    Pei-Chen Chen

    Associate Professor
    Genetic inheritance of plant parasitic nematodes and their application on disease management
  • Chi-Yu Chen

    Chi-Yu Chen

    Associate Professor
    Fungal diversity; ecology of fungi; taxonomy of ascomycetes
  • Tzu-Pi Huang

    Tzu-Pi Huang

    Associate Professor
    Microbial communication; biological control; pesticide residue analysis
  • Chih-Li Wang

    Chih-Li Wang

    Associate Professor
    Fungal developmental biology; Diagnosis and control of fungal diseases
  • Chia-Ching Chu

    Chia-Ching Chu

    Assistant Professor
    Microbial ecology; plant pathology; insect-bacterial associations
  • Wen-Hsiung Ko

    Wen-Hsiung Ko

    Chair professor
    Plant Pathology; Fungal Physiology; Microbiol Ecol.
  • Cheng-Fang Hong

    Cheng-Fang Hong

    Assistant Professor
    Ecology and integrated management of plant pathogens
  • Li-Hung Chen

    Li-Hung Chen

    Assistant Professor
    Plant-Fungal Interactions; Plant immunology; Agricultural Biotechnology