Soil and Water Conservation

  • Kuang-Tsung Chang

    Kuang-Tsung Chang

    Computational geotechnics; Slope stability; Engineering geology
  • Su-Chin Chen

    Su-Chin Chen

    Distinguished Professor
    River morphology; Sediment transport; Mountainous Disasters Mitigation
  • Chao-Yuan Lin

    Chao-Yuan Lin

    Soil and Water Conservation; Slopeland Conservation Planning and Design; Geographic Information Sy....
  • Ping-Cheng Hsieh

    Ping-Cheng Hsieh

    Distinguished Professor
    Porous Medium Flow; Fluid Dynamics; Urban Hydrology
  • Der-Guey Lin

    Der-Guey Lin

    Computer-Aided Design in Slope Engineering; Analysis and Remedy of Sediment-Related Disaster in Slo....
  • Zheng-Yi Feng

    Zheng-Yi Feng

    Landslide investigation and mitigation; Geotechnical engineering; Geophysical exploration
  • Long-Ming Huang

    Long-Ming Huang

    Associate Professor
    Wind Engineering; Meteorology; Coastal Protection Engineering
  • Hsun-Chuan Chan

    Hsun-Chuan Chan

    Associate Professor
    Open Channel Flow; Sediment Transport; Polutant Transport
  • Yu-Shen Hsiao

    Yu-Shen Hsiao

    Associate Professor
    Geodesy; Gravimetry; Engineering survey
  • Yung-Chieh Wang

    Yung-Chieh Wang

    Associate Professor
    Soil physics and soil management; Soil erosion and sediment transport; Soil and water system model....
  • Guo-Zhang Song

    Guo-Zhang Song

    Assistant Professor
    Vegetation engineering; Forest ecology; Interaction between species
  • Chi-Yao Hung

    Chi-Yao Hung

    Assistant Professor
    Morphohydraulics; Two-phase solid-liquid flow theory; Particle flow imaging
  • Chun-Yi Wu

    Chun-Yi Wu

    Assistant Professor
    Risk analysis and assessment of sediment-related disasters; Watershed management; Disaster monitor....